The Board of Education acts through corporate authority, that is as if it were a single person.The will of the board is defined by resolutions adopted by vote at a board meeting.

Individual trustees may bring any question, concern or suggestion to a board meeting for discussion by trustees but only through board resolution can action be taken. Individual trustees do not exercise authority or direct staff.

In general, the following are the most important functions of the board:

  • Formulating and interpreting policies and by-laws.

  • Delegating administrative authority.

  • Deciding on educational and budget matters that cannot be legally delegated orthat inthe board's judgment should be decided by the board.

  • Appraising the district's education, administrative and planning processes in light of the board's stated goals.

  • Administering public funds.

  • Communicating with the citizens of СƵ for the benefit of the education of its children.

Responsibility for day-to-day operationsaredelegated to the superintendent of schools and through him or her to the administrative, teaching and support staff of the district.

2022 – 2026 Board of Education

2022 – 2026 Board of Education

From left to right: Ken Hamaguchi, Donna Sargent, David Yang, Heather Larson,Debbie Tablotney, Alice Wong, Rod Belleza